Monday, 13 December 2010

Speed of Life

Lights are everywhere at the moment.  I hate them already.

Streetlights flicker into life while I'm sat on my lunch hour stuffing a cheese sandwich down my neck, Christmas lights twinkle at me from every inch of the high street, winking down at me like drunken relatives, urging me to spend more - have one more drink, buy that useless corkscrew/fridge magnet combo.

The lights are everywhere.  Well, almost.  A quick look at one of my current favourite photos (apparently a composite of many DMSP satellite pics from NASA) shows earth's light pollution in startling detail.
No surprise that the eastern US, Europe and Japan - at least I think that wiggly bit on the right is Japan - are the brightest.  More surprisingly perhaps is that highest population doesn't necessarily equate to most light pollution.  Though I don't suppose they call it the 'dark continent' for nothing.

Africa haz no lights lol

That's different back in SL though.  I was genuinely shocked when I found out that people still use facelights.  In fact, the above image could be used as a diagram to represent SL.
The east coast of America is Help Island, bursting with the bright gaudy noselamps of a million stomping noobs.  Europe shimmers brightly as thousands of freebie grabbing clones wobble clumsily across it's land.

Anyway, you get the idea.

hey bb, lookin sexy, wanna party?

Which reminds me of another parallel.  

Why is everybody so slow?  People seem to slow down to a crawl as soon as they realise they are in front of me, in every version of life.  Why so slow?  Are those meat, flesh shaped shoes you're wearing slowing you down?  Just because your shoes are on sideways**, doesn't mean you have to stop every other step

The speed of life can be linked to the rhythm in your head - the song on rotation swirling around your brain.  Most people chunder cloyingly along to 'Love me do' when really they should be bollocking around like lunatics at 100mph to Wreckin' bar (ra ra ra).  

Just like i do.  Repeatedly.

So yeah.  The point of this is obvious.

Speed up and use less lights.  If I see one more glowing bulbous head wobbling about in front of me, with their toes poking through bizarre, elfin booties, I swear I'm going to scream.

And I won't stop until it's spring.  Or at least until it stops getting dark before teatime.

best shoe ever
Best shoe EVAR!

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