Friday, 10 December 2010

[engrama] - Musical images

Most of my time in SL is spent wondering what I can find, where I can find it and then how quickly I can TP away whenever I realise it's not what I was looking for...

Or something.

I've no idea how well known [engrama] are on the SL music scene - not that well I imagine, seeing as the majority of SL performers seem to be either Stevie Nicks obsessed or some oddball acid casualties lisping their way through 60s folk songs - but they are no doubt building up quite a following on the Alt scene.

In SL they are an experimental duo formed by Argentinian guitarist Pupito Abrahams and his Spanish partner Lakua Arriaga on drums and vocals.

Blending an original (for SL) mix of covers - Joy Division, Sigur Ros and The Cure among others - along with their own songs, their shows are genuinely live, no backing tracks needed.  They layer the music well, expertly building on Pupito's hypnotic riffs and Lakua's dreamy, ethereal vocals - evoking Elizabeth Fraser and perhaps more recently, School of Seven Bells Dehazas sisters - in classic shoegazing style.

They also realise the importance of  the visual spectacle, taking advantage of Lakua's RL photography to build an atmospheric 3D set, using what looked like custom AO's and instruments.  All adding to the experience.

Cinematic and evocative - they sweep from Spaghetti Western desert landscapes on the eponymous [engrama] to post-rock intensity on the excellent Intento Inflexible.

Check the two tracks mentioned on the streams below and make sure you catch [engrama] live around SL.  If you don't then you're just a massive mental.

As much as I love the music in SL, there's probably nothing I enjoy more than giggling relentlessly at a good, old fashioned permanoob.

Especially feet.  So I'll probably be signing off most of these blogs (which will be random, but generally about shoes and music) with my current favourite.


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